September 20, 2017

Incredible Artwork By Legendary Fantasy Artist Frank Frazetta

Most of this art comes from the Frank Frazetta Facebook fan page. A lot of this work I have never seen before, and it was just so cool that I had to post it. I will update it with more images soon.

"Sorcerer" by Frank Frazetta (1965)

"Swamp Demon/Witch of the Dark Gate" by Frank Frazetta (1968)

(Scanned from original art) Illustration from E.R.B.'s "At the Earth's Core" portfolio (Opar 1968) art by Frank Frazetta.

Lo & behold, a much better scan. Thanks for ID'ing this one, Patrick. Art by Frank Frazetta (1983) from the book ULTIMATE TRIUMPH.

Creepy #17 "Executioner" original cover art. "Executed" by Frank Frazetta in 1967

"Autumn People" by Frank Frazetta (1965)

'Warrior with Ball And Chain' © 1973 Frank Frazetta

'Pillow Book' watercolor by Frank Frazetta

"Ponytail" © Frank Frazetta (1967)

"Cornered" by Frank Frazetta (1970)

Production art for the film FIRE AND ICE by Frank Frazetta(1982)

LUANA preliminary art by Frank Frazetta (1968)

E.R.B.'s "At the Earth's Core" preliminary art by Frank Frazetta (1965)

'King Conan' ink illo by Frank Frazetta

"Mongol Tyrant" by Frank Frazetta (1967)

'Tarzan & the Jewels of Opar' by Frank Frazetta (1963)

"Savage Pellucidar" by Frank Frazetta (1964)

I take no credit for this artwork, most of the dates of creation are here for each piece, if some info is incorrect, send me a shout out and I will fix it. Check back, I will update this page with new art soon.

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