Grasspeople is available for purchase in digital and print format. The book is already garnering some critical reviews, and some interviews.


Honey I Shrunk The Kids meets Lord of the Rings

That was one of the quotes from this recent Grasspeople review by Dan over at All-Comics.
"Linder uses what looks like some wild combinations of crayons and colored pencils to create some very imaginative scenes packed with various colors blending together to give this little world its own big feel. From the get-go we’re shown the sun blazing over the grass, looking like a nice Summer morning, but soon we travel deeper and the blades of grass become an array of different colors blending together as the morning dew still drips." ~

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Thanks for the honest review Dan.


Author Interview at Amid the Imaginary

Here's an excerpt from the Grasspeople interview:

It was my pleasure to interview Allan Linder, author of “Grasspeople”, a vibrant fantasy graphic novel, both in its illustrations and its story. For the full review, click here.

Below are my questions in italics and Allan’s full, unaltered answers following.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a 4th generation artist in my family and I’m very fortunate that they were always encouraging me to pursue my talents. I won my first drawing contest at age 5 and an art scholarship at 17. After that, I started working for Disney, WB, Sony, and many others as a freelance artist over the past 20 years. I primarily worked in animation character design and storyboards for film and television. Sequential art has always been in my life as a way to escape. I feel like it’s one of the few methods of visual storytelling that only requires imagination, pencil and paper. You don’t need to have a big budget to develop an idea.

You can check out the full interview here, at Amid The Imaginary.

Grasspeople coming this summer.


Comic Book and Movie Reviews Interview for Grass People

I had a nice interview with Comic Book and Movie Reviews for the release of my latest book Grass People, out this summer. You can read the entire interview here. Thanks David


Grass People book review at Amid The Imaginary

I just received this wonderful new review of Grasspeople before it's release this summer.…/…/05/grasspeople/ Thanks Anela.

Here's a quote from the full review at Amid The Imaginary:

"The creator has a talent for story telling as well as for artistic rendering to visually convey the tale…I almost feel guilty for mowing my lawn last weekend!" ~Amid The Imaginary


New Grass People review from Comic Reviews Outside the Cube

"Grass People #1 is a full-colored comic with beautiful illustrations, poetic scripting, and Linder's usual knack for all around detail." ~ Outside the Cube

I just received this amazing review of my book from Eblison Grun over at Comic Reviews Outside the Cube.

Here's an excerpt:

"I'd like to tell you a little story. About a week ago, I opened up my mailbox to find a small burlap sack tied with a leather cord. I unraveled the cord and pulled out a copy of Grass People #1. Allan Linder is a wizard when it comes to presentation. To him, it isn't enough to put everything into the book itself, but there's the extra step he takes to get the reader involved even before they have a chance to open the book. And this is why I'm blown away every time I look at an Allan Linder comic. Of course, once I opened Grass People # 1, the breath-taking art continued to amaze me." ~ Outside the Cube

For the complete review, visit Comic Reviews Outside the Cube.

Thanks Eb at Comic Reviews Outside the Cube.


"Grasspeople is a full-color dark fairy tale adventure like Zelda meets Lord of the Rings."
~ Superrobotmayhem

See more at Super Robot Mayhem:

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