November 20, 2016

In a world that may literally be right beneath our feet

Grass People
writer/artist- Allan Linder

In a world that may literally be right beneath our feet, Monk sets out on a rite of passage. Alone and armed with only his “Book of Knowledge,” he learns about the dangers of the world and the dangers of those who live in it.

I'd like to tell you a little story. About a week ago, I opened up my mail box to find a small burlap sack tied with a leather cord. I unraveled the cord and pulled out a copy of Grass People #1. Allan Linder is a wizard when it comes to presentation. To him, it isn't enough to put everything into the book itself, but there's the extra step he takes to get the reader involved even before they have a chance to open the book. And this is why I'm blown away every time I look at an Allan Linder comic. Of course, once I opened Grass People #1, the breath-taking art continued to amaze me.

Grass People #1 is a full-colored comic with beautiful illustrations, poetic scripting, and Linder's usual knack for all around detail. Everything on the page is important to look at and everything you see is beautiful and alive.

I've always enjoyed his art. InPrisoner of The Mind, Allan Linder combined a dark Frank Miller-esque setting with a visually puzzling M.C. Escher style detail, and I was stunned. In this book, there;s more light. The grasses are green, the flowers are vibrant with color, and life and energy flow through every image. And I am still stunned.

As always, it isn't just the art that makes a Linder book beautiful.Grass People is a great coming of age story as well as a bit of a mystery. Who are the raiders attacking Monk's home? What are they looking for? And what will Monk find when he returns? These are all questions I'm itching to get an answer to. I bet you will be too.

Check out Grass People from Allan Linder and Eclectic Press, Inc. You'll find it to be a fantastic journey of the mind, body, and soul.

Check out Allan Linder's work and buy your own Grass People #1 at the official Grass People site.

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