April 23, 2015

Grass People press kits

One of a kind hand made grass people press kits have gone out over the past few weeks.

Here are a couple of close up shots of the buckle mechanism that I made for the outside of the hard case for the press kit.

Here you can really see the aging techniques and metal work.

I included and stenciled lettering on the spine.

Ahh, the big reveal. This is my grasspeople comic book in a hand cut aged leather wrap with a lost wax casting of a miniature bronze sword.

Here is another version with a different sword and pigskin leather.

This is yet another version wrapped in burlap featuring a miniature toledo sword.

It's a tedius process to produce special packaging.

Part of the fun is paper aging.

I use coffee grounds and an oven to dry it all out. The result is pretty cool, and looks like it's been around for a while.

It's very gratifying to see the final product when it's complete. Ultimately when the press takes note of what you've accomplished in a digital age, they are quite impressed.

I made quite a few unique press kits that I've sent out over the past several weeks far and wide. Whenever I launch a new book, I am constantly thinking about unique marketing techniques that I can emply to get peoples attention. You have to understand that it's a pretty crowded world out there when it comes to new books, the way I see it, you need all the help you can get. I actually sent several to the UK, Japan, Australia and Germany. Hopefully the story will be well received prior to my launch of the book this summer. The date is still pending, but I will confirm the release date in a month or so. Check back soon for more.

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